‘SNL’ Mocks Trump for Bragging That He Makes Everyone Cry

Making random strangers cry is all in a day’s work for Donald Trump, if the former president is to be believed, and Colin Jost just doesn’t get it.

“Why is everyone in Trump’s stories always crying?”

That’s the question Jost asked near the top of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” and a query that has been on millions of people’s minds ever since the former president told a seemingly enthralled Tucker Carlson earlier this week in his first post-arraignment interview. As Jost explained, “Donald Trump claimed that New York police and court employees were crying when they arrested him.”

It’s a situation the former president has repeatedly described as playing out in front of him over the years, for all sorts of reasons, which Jost underscored by sharing a series of clips in which Trump talked about “very tough, very strong, very powerful men” coming up to him “with tears in their eyes” or spontaneously turning on the waterworks while meeting him. While Trump presumably thinks this is a clever way to prove that, no, people really do like and believe him, Jost thinks that—if these stories are indeed true—Trump should actually be kind of worried.

“You’re bragging that when people see you they just, like, burst into tears?” a confused Jost wanted to know. “And it never sounds like excited crying, like when teenagers see BTS. It sounds more like scared crying. Like when hostages see Jigsaw.”

For their part, a source close to law enforcement dismissed Trump’s claims as “absolute BS” and put the number of people fawning over Trump at zero. “There were zero people crying,” the source told Yahoo! News. “There were zero people saying ‘I’m sorry.’”

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