‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud’s Ex-Manager Blasts Him on the Way Out newsusface

Actor Angus Cloud shot to fame as Fezco, the kindhearted drug dealer on HBO’s hit show Euphoria, but Cloud’s own alleged drug use is now being called into question. The 24-year-old is the subject of a long and convoluted Twitter thread posted over the weekend by Diomi Cordero, who says he is Cloud’s former talent manager and that he’s seeking “outstanding management commissions from Angus totaling over $60,000.00.”

In his tweets, Cordero says he resigned as Cloud’s talent manager in February 2022 due to “Angus’ verbal abuse, emotional distress & severe drug addiction.”

In the 18-part thread, Cordero alleges that he first met Cloud while working as a “mental health technician” at a rehab facility, and that the actor expressed his desire to be represented by a young, Black talent manager. Cordero says he then left his job to represent Cloud, and set about securing a publicist, an accountant, a SAG-AFTRA account, and other necessary career infrastructures for Cloud, whose “personal life was in a state of disarray,” Cordero claims.

Cloud was doing well and maintaining his sobriety for a time during the filming of Season 2 of Euphoria, Cordero alleges, but things eventually deteriorated. By November 2021, the actor had “evidently relinquished control of his addiction,” Cordero writes.

In January 2022, Cordero alleges, he received a frantic call from one of Cloud’s roommates, who said Cloud was overdosing. Cordero gave the actor Narcan, CPR, and did mouth-to-mouth, he writes: “Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face.”

While accompanying Cloud at a movie shoot for the next 30 days in Oklahoma, Cordero writes that it was remarkable that the actor was able to maintain his sobriety for a full month, but that he has PTSD symptoms from assisting Cloud through the experience.

By February 2022, Cloud had relapsed and “his behavior towards me had become extremely abusive…he had gone to the extent of degrading me publicly in front of his friends & even my colleagues,” Cordero alleges, adding that he resigned as the actor’s manager shortly thereafter.

“Angus is currently being managed by Sam Lutfi & I find it incredibly interesting how Sam is somehow always associated with celebrities who are dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues,” Cordero added, alongside screenshots from articles about Lufti’s associations with Britney Spears and Courtney Love. “So please keep Angus in your thoughts & prayers.”

The Daily Beast has reached out to Cloud for comment.

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