Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Grifting Faucet You Can’t Turn Off’ newsusface

Clarence Thomas’ “grifting” faucet just won’t turn off, says an exasperated Danielle Moodie on this episode of The New Abnormal politics podcast.

It was recently revealed that the Supreme Court justice reported income from a firm that doesn’t exist—and hasn’t for a while. Moodie, and her co-host Andy Levy, are over this man’s antics.

“Clarence Thomas and his grifting money-grubbing criminal activity just won’t stop. It’s like a faucet you can’t turn off,” says Danielle. “I don’t know how you continue to receive paychecks from a place that doesn’t exist, but evidently you can. He continued to report income that was between $50,000 and $100,000 annually in recent years. I know we’ve been living inside of a time vortex, but I’m pretty sure 2006 and 2023 and recent years don’t coincide.”

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They’re also not confident anyone is going to hold Thomas accountable.

“Are we really gonna start going after a guy for making an honest mistake 17 years in a row? Is that not a common thing for people to do, to make the same mistake 17 times in a row on a federal form and then sign it attesting to the truthfulness of that form?” Andy jokes.

But then, he gets serious.

“I’m certainly not sitting here and you’re certainly not sitting here saying that the same standard shouldn’t be applied to the other eight justices, but so far it’s Clarence Thomas who has a repeated pattern of this,” Andy adds, and shares a few examples of Thomas conveniently forgetting to disclose very important things.

Later, Spencer Ackerman, columnist for The Nation and writer of the Forever Wars newsletter, joins the show and breaks down the case of Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old Air National Guardsman accused of leaking classified documents. While a leak did happen, Ackerman explains how this one is much different than the whistleblowing cases of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

Then, George M. Johnson, author of All Boys Aren’t Blue, one of the now-many banned books in America, shares with co-host Danielle what it’s like to be the author of a banned book and the most “fascinating” and mind-boggling thing about Republican behavior.

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