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Looking for a last-minute 4/20 gift for the cannabis lover in your life (or yourself)? Look no further than Hemper, the best cannabis subscription service available in all 50 states. The Hemper subscription box brings the latest in high-end cannabis smoking accessories right to your doorstep. This subscription box is perfect for the discerning stoner who wants to stay on the cutting edge of smoking trends.

Hemper specializes in hand-picking the best and most useful products in the cannabis space. Its online shop offers a wide range of products, including novelty glassware, rolling papers, grinders, and more. But it’s their subscription box that really stands out.

The Hemper subscription box is a monthly subscription service that curates a selection of smoking essentials valued at $100+, delivered to you for just $39.99. Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with a carefully selected range of products that are sure to enhance your smoking experience. Every month the box will contain unique items, as well as key supplies like pipe cleaners, rolling papers, paper tips, and other incidentals. With Hemper, you never have to make a run to the smoke shop right in the middle of trying to roll a j because you forgot to get papers or tips.

Hemper Trippy Mushroom Box

Subscribers can choose from different box types to suit their needs, like a glassware box for bong aficionados or a rolling kit for blunt smokers. The Hemper site also offers items from hot accessory brands like Goody Glass, Puffco, DabTech and Kryo. But if you can’t commit to a monthly subscription, Hemper does offer themed boxes for a one-time purchase, such as a retro 70s box, a Spongebob box, and even a Chinese takeout-themed box. All boxes feature novelty glassware plus specially selected supplies, but with a higher price tag than the subscription boxes.

The Hemper subscription box is a great way to get high-end smoking accessories delivered consistently for one heck of a price. Buy a Hemper subscription or theme box for the stoner in your life and make their smoking experience even better this holiday season.


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