Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Dominion for Letting Fox Off the Hook newsusface

Fox News had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. At least according to Jimmy Kimmel, who cited the network’s $787.5 million defamation settlement as proof that lies, in fact, don’t pay.

“No company in America had a worse day than Fox News,” Kimmel said near the top of Tuesday night’s show. While some might say that the network settling a $1.6 billion defamation suit for just $787.5 million was actually a win for Tucker Carlson and friends—Kimmel knows that even that much smaller amount is still going to hurt the network. “It’s gonna take a lot of reverse mortgage ads to pay that one off,” he joked.

Yet while Kimmel understands that Fox is the “main villain” in the story, he said he’s not about to let Dominion Voting Systems off the hook so easily.

“We naively thought this was about making Fox News take responsibility for destroying their reputation, because that’s what they told us,” Kimmel said of Dominion. “But when a big enough number was written on a piece of paper and slid across the table, all that ethical stuff seemed to become secondary.

Which, according to Kimmel, “means the liars who knowingly misled their oatmeal-brained viewers, and seriously damaged our democracy, don’t have to say anything about it at all. No apologies, no testimony—they can go right back to sodomizing the country. While Dominion and their lawyers go shopping for yachts I guess.”

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