The ‘Obsession’ Pillow Sex Scene Has Netflix Viewers Freaking Out newsusface

Netflix is continuing its run of airing berserk sex scenes this April. First, there was the sequence in Beef, where Ali Wong’s character masturbated with a gun Now, there’s a similar scene in Obsession involving a pillow. Oh, that poor pillow. It didn’t deserve its fate.

Obsession stars Richard Armitage as William, a sex-starved doctor with a twisted family life. While he’s no longer attracted to his wife, Ingrid (Indira Varma), William feels magnetically drawn to Anna (Charlie Murphy), his son Jay’s (Rish Shah) new girlfriend. Keep it in the family, I guess?

Anna and William can’t stay away from each other. They hide out from William’s wife and son, spinning lies to keep the steamy relationship going. But this causes incredible tension between William and the rest of his family, as well as Anna and Jay. Everyone knows something is up, which only makes things hotter for William and Anna.

There’s a whole catalog of sex scenes in Obsession. Scroll through the four episodes of the new British series and you’ll see an array of unbelievable positions and nude bodies—they show up around every five minutes in each half-hour-long episode. But there’s a particular scene at the end of Episode 2 that viewers have been blushing over and spreading all over social media.

William follows Anna and Jay while they take a vacation in France. While the couple venture off to dinner, William sneaks into his son’s hotel room and tears the bed apart. He smells everywhere for the mere scent of Anna, until he finds it on a pillow. Then, moaning and groaning, he begins to feel around in his pants while he smells and kisses the pillow. Things escalate as William strips them off and begins humping the linens like an animal.

I won’t say any more. You can watch the scene yourself. (It comes around 25 minutes into the second episode.)

Viewers of the show have fixated on this scene, but no one really finds it all that sexy, per se—especially considering William’s poor son is going to sleep in that same bed. To cope with what they just watched, audiences have been chiming in on social media to commiserate together.

In an interview with Metro, Armitage broke down the scene: “I was really conscious that it shouldn’t be in any way comedic, so we sort of left it quite open and it was a bit of an improvisation actually,” he said. “Charlie had—without me knowing—sprayed her scent that she’d been wearing throughout the shoot into different parts of the bed and I just got the sense of it, and that’s where the scene just opened. But the recording, it wasn’t too planned, actually.”

Someone give that pillow a raise—if it still has a career in the props department at Netflix, that is. Hopefully, it’s already in the garbage.

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