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When I think of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas, one of my fondest memories is watching the classic Peanuts TV specials. While I can’t watch those specials year-round, I do want to carry a bit of that memory close by, and Cariuma has released several pairs of sneakers that allow me to do exactly that. The Cariuma X Peanuts collaboration has a number of shoes featuring artwork and graphics showing off characters from the Peanuts franchise. This includes two unique designs, each featuring the ever-lovable Snoopy.

The sneakers show a classic image of Snoopy lazily napping in the iconic pose, but instead of on the usual doghouse, Snoopy is lying on top of a tree, a nod to the sustainability efforts of Cariuma, who plants two trees for every pair of shoes purchased. Also on the shoe, you’ll see Woodstock up ahead near the front of the sneaker, happily carrying a flower. The other design features Snoopy eagerly running to the beach with a big surfboard, also a nod to the surfing roots of Cariuma. In addition to the multiple designs, the sneakers also come in a variety of colors and shoe types, so you’ll be able to rock your Peanuts love in whatever pair of shoes best fits your personal taste.

Peanuts Earth Off-White Canvas OCA High

Peanuts Surf Canvas OCA Low

Peanuts Earth Black Canvas OCA Low

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