Frank Ocean Bails on Coachella, Leaving Fans With Blink-182 newsusface

After a widely panned set during last week’s Coachella, headliner Frank Ocean will not be performing at Weekend 2 of the festival, according to Variety. Fellow Coachella performers Blink-182 are reported to replace him.

A rep for Ocean told the publication that he’s unable to perform “due to an injury on his leg.” On Monday, TMZ reported that the Grammy winner suffered an ankle injury, forcing him to make drastic changes to production.

Now, according to his camp, it seems like Ocean injured more than just his ankle. “On doctor’s advice, [Ocean] is not able to perform weekend 2 due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg,” the statement reads.

The R&B singer added his own take on the heavily scrutinized performance, hinting at a follow-up show: “It was chaotic. There is some beauty in chaos. It isn’t what I intended to show but I did enjoy being out there, and I’ll see you soon.”

Fans online are still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with Ocean’s highly anticipated set, the musician’s first live performance in six years. The famously enigmatic singer confused and disgruntled festival-goers with a series of technical issues, odd pacing and general disorganization.

Reportedly, the singer had originally planned a more elaborate production, featuring an ice rink and dozens of ice skaters, until Ocean abruptly called it off. Ex-hockey players Dan and Chris Powers, who were hired to ice-skate, claimed on their podcast that they weren’t aware of any malfunctions before the ice rink was pulled.

Sources close to the situation tell Variety that Blink-182 is set to take over for Ocean on Sunday. While the punk band earned rave reviews when they surprised festival-goers last weekend, the switch-up will undoubtedly leave a lot of Coachella attendees and Ocean devotees disappointed.

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