‘The Daily Show’ Gives Us the Tucker Carlson Apology Fox News Won’t newsusface

Dominion Voting Systems’ decision to settle its massive defamation suit against Fox News may end up relieving Rupert Murdoch’s checkbook of $787.5 million, but it deprived the American public of something much better: listening to inexplicably popular hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham admit they lied about the 2020 presidential election to their audiences. And Jordan Klepper won’t stand for it.

While discussing the fallout from the Fox-Dominion settlement on Wednesday night, The Daily Show guest host noted that “Dominion was not the only injured party” from the network’s constant pushing of Trump’s “Big Lie.”

“What about, you know, our faith in democracy?,” Klepper said. “There are people who will not trust elections for the rest of their lives—and I have to talk to those people.”

Though America will never get the chance to witness what Klepper imagined as “Sean Hannity, up there on the stand, sweating through his search like a beached manatee,” he’s even more annoyed that the settlement does not require the network—or anyone associated with it—to apologize on-air for their years of fibbing.

“We deserve that—the bare minimum,” he said.

Then, Klepper took matters into his own hands by pasting together an apology from Tucker Carlson himself… culled from a series of soundbytes.

“We are admitting that we lied to you… for saying the wrong things about the 2020 election… Now why is that? Well, the truth is… Donald Trump lost the election… And no, we didn’t tell you, because we don’t care what you think,” Carlson said in a series of edited clips.

“Thank you, Tucker,” said Klepper. “Well said.”

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