‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 Casting Starts With Returning Natasha Rothwell newsusface

The first guest is checking in for The White Lotus Season 3.

Though folks have spent the last few months fan-casting the upcoming third installment of Mike White’s trippy vacation series, the creator has opted to bring back a familiar face from the season’s first Hawaii chapter. Natasha Rothwell, who starred in Season 1 as hotel spa employee Belinda Lindsey, is set to return for the upcoming season, Variety reports.

In the sophomore season of The White Lotus, the semi-anthology series brought back just two key players to voyage off to Sicily: Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge), the eccentric daughter of a dead billionaire, and her new husband Greg (Jon Gries) who—spoiler—was plotting to kill her and run off with her riches. (He’s half-successful in his quest.)

The return of just one character worked well for Season 2, which was able to introduce a bevy of new storylines by replacing the former hotel guests with a new set of vacationers. Now, Belinda might be able to get revenge on the late Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, as the series reportedly sets off for Thailand. In the first season, Tanya promises the spa worker that she’ll fund a new business venture between the two of them—but later retracts it, as Tanya departs from the picturesque Hawaiian location.

Following Tanya’s death in Season 2, we’ll (hopefully) get to see Belinda’s reaction to her nemesis’ brutal fate. Maybe she’ll have news on whether or not Greg (who was still alive by the end of Season 2) managed to take Tanya’s money. Or perhaps Belinda still doesn’t know about Tanya’s death, and she’ll find out in the middle of this new season.

We also don’t know whether or not Belinda will return as an employee of The White Lotus or as a guest. Perhaps she’s taking some time off, and she gets an employee discount at the resort chain. Or maybe she’s been relocated to the Thai location. Either way, it’ll be a real pleasure to see her again.

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