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Just think about all the sacrifices moms make–the sleepless nights and early mornings, the drives to and from school, organizing playdates, the countless sandwiches and snacks prepared, and the list goes on. In other words, your mom deserves a solid gift this Mother’s Day.

Today, we’re sharing the best Mother’s Day gifts that your mom would never expect but will truly love. We mean it–she probably wouldn’t really have a favorite (like what she says about her kids), but she’ll be delighted to open these gifts. You won’t find the usual go-to’s on this list, like chocolates, picture frames, or hand creams, because while those gifts may all be well and good, they’re just so predictable and overdone.

What you will find here, however, is our eclectic and original assembly of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that will have her asking, “How did you ever think of that?” And hey, go ahead and take credit for these ideas—your secret is safe with us. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Decorative Artwork Puzzle

Are these puzzles that look like pieces of art, or pieces of art that come in puzzle form? You can let Mom decide. Either way, she will love this gift. JIGGY puzzles are done with high-quality, thick chipboard that’s precision-cut, so all the pieces fit snugly–which allows the gorgeous, original artwork (all made by women, FYI) to shine through once the puzzles are completed. Then Mom can either take the puzzle back apart or she can use the included puzzle glue to permanently secure the pieces, creating a lasting piece of art.

A Temperature Control Smart Mug

Does your mom simply love a warm cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa? Then you can stop scrolling now and get her an Ember mug, a heated coffee mug that can hold Mom’s little sip of joy at her exact desired temperature. This mug is so smart that it enters sleep mode after two hours of inactivity, in case Mom falls asleep, and it can be paired with the Ember app on Mom’s smartphone or tablet to unlock customizable presets. Anyway, folks, we have certainly arrived in the future–and our future includes remote-controlled, self-warming smart mugs, because why not?

A Low-Maintenance, High-Class Bike

Thanks to Priority Bikes’ chain-free system, the brand produces some of the world’s most reliable, low maintenance and rust-and-grease-free bikes on the market. These are the perfect bikes for anyone (Moms included) who wants to pedal around town for fun, and not spend half the time tinkering with gears and chains and wiping oil off their hands. This lightweight, three-speed everyday cruiser bike is bound to kickstart Mom’s newfound love for cycling.

Ranavat’s “Radiant Rani” Brightening Saffron Serum

Give Mom the gift of a glowing, moisturized, and evenly textured face with Ranavat’s “Radiant Rani” Brightening Saffron Serum. Made with ingredients like turmeric, licorice root, and saffron (which, in Ayurveda, India’s medical system, is considered a “miracle elixir” due to its antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties), this serum is a proven winner with real results. You’re a true miracle in Mom’s life, so why not give her a little one in a bottle?

Portable Digital Tire Inflator

Down from $130

Is your mom the kind of person who takes care of it all by herself? “No need to call for help, thank you very much” attitude? Well, then she’ll love this compact but capable and handy tire inflator. This hand-held device can fit in your glove compartment and be pulled out when needed to inflate the tires of any vehicle–even a massive truck or SUV–at the mere push of a button. It also comes with a built-in flashlight and other adjustments, so that Mom can get done what needs to get done even in the dark.

Yes, this company is called MOTHER, and we are indeed discussing Mother’s Day gifts, but rest assured, there’s no kitschy irony here—just pure coincidence. Anyway, if your mom (or partner who is a mom) has a fashion sense, a bit of edge to her, and is a denim fan, she’ll appreciate a pair of MOTHER jeans any day of the year. (But this celebratory day is another reason to buy them for her!) MOTHER is based in LA and made with high-quality fabrics with expert tailoring, so this “growing up in California in the 70s”-inspired clothing brand will become a staple in her closet (if it isn’t already)—just an FYI.

Mom spent so much of her life trying to make yours easier, so now it’s time for you to return the favor. Meet the Away Carry-On suitcase: lightweight with 360 degrees spinner wheels, and super compact for planes, cars, and trains (oh my!). When Mom hits the road with her Away suitcase, her travels will be easier than ever, also in part to these must-have water-resistant nylon packing cubes that were designed with a mesh panel to make finding what Mom needs (without fully unpacking) much easier. These packing cubes also fit perfectly inside this dream suitcase–which, did I mention, is lightweight, nimble, virtually indestructible, and comes in tons of great colors (with their petal color currently on sale for $233)? It’s all so good and so Mom.

Hybrid Steamer x Iron

Down from $180

Steamery’s handheld iron steamer is a hybrid between a steamer and iron, allowing Mom to have the best of both worlds with the option of either a pressed or natural look. And yes, its primary design is to remove wrinkles from clothing rapidly, but that’s not the only use Mom will get out of this energy-efficient and travel-friendly anti-wrinkle weapon. This steamer also kills bacteria, reduces odors, and effectively washes fabrics, so it looks like Mom will finally be able to clean and iron those curtains after all. She’ll also be able to get rid of whatever that smell is coming from the sofa, spruce up headboards, iron out everything everywhere–you get the idea.

Give Mom a one-of-a-kind gift when you create customized stationery for her. You can choose from all sorts of different cards and notepads from Minted, like this beautiful hydrangeas option, featuring original designs from various artists. Then simply add a name, note, or monograph of your choosing to craft a Mother’s Day gift that’s truly just for her.

Dual Dish Slow Cooker

Down from $75

Have a mom who loves to cook? And to slow cook at that? Then she’ll love this unique dual-dish slow cooker that can prepare two completely different dishes at the same time. It’s perfect for easy prep of fancy meals (we’re talking prime rib with a side of risotto), or if you’re cooking one vegetarian or vegan dish and another with meat to meet certain dietary needs. You could also use it for the steady heating of soups, dips, and so forth.

A Luxury Cooling Mattress

Down from $2111

Give Mom the gift of great sleep with this high-end hybrid mattress that brings together the best of mattress technology: springs and foam. This supportive yet soft Bear Elite Hybrid mattress features a cooling quilt-style cover and two different kinds of foam layers. Talk about doubling the comfort! This genius mattress also features coiled springs that adapt to every person’s body shape and movement while sleeping, making it easier for all different types of sleepers (whether Mom’s a stomach or side-sleeper) to fall sound asleep–and stay that way.

Have you ever heard that phrase “The only thing that sucks is a vacuum” when someone said something “sucked” as a kid? Well, this combination vacuum and mop certainly sucks but it can also clean everything up with just one pass. From spilled liquids to semi-solids (think a cracked egg), the cordless Tineco Smart 2-in-1 Wet Dry Vacuum will make cleaning hardly even feel like a chore anymore. This will especially come in handy if you ever clean up for Mom every now and then, so you can even think of it as a gift for your future self.

Your mom deserves the best, and what’s better than a Coach watch? This one is stunning and your fashionable mom will love wearing it around her wrist. Embellished with crystals, you can choose from a few elegant faces and bands that will never go out of style. This classic pick from Coach is a true winner for Mom and your wallet. She’ll never guess what it costs, and now, thanks to you, Mom will never have to guess what time it is either.

Give Mom the gift of bacon and gouda cheeseburgers, a seasonal brunch box, or sheet pan curry salmon, or any of the dozens of other delicious meals she can pick out and “order up!” thanks to your deliciously thoughtful gift of a Blue Apron gift card. If you cannot see Mom in person this year or need a last-minute gift idea, this gift is quick and easy but still just as thoughtful–especially if she’s a foodie. Want to sweeten the deal? Go over to her house and cook whichever yummy meal she orders next with her!

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