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Happy Earth Day 2023! Today is all about Mother Nature and underscoring everything we should be doing to help her and her planet–not just today, but every day. Earth Day is our annual wake-up call that we need to be kinder to our planet–and not soon, not eventually, but right now. (Alexa, play one of my favorite bops, “Wake Up America” by Miley Cyrus.)

And while this may seem easier said than done in some ways, shopping from brands that are making real efforts to practice and encourage great sustainable efforts is an excellent way for you to do Mother Nature right. (I know “ghosting” dating-wise is a thing–whatever–but we shouldn’t be ghosting our intentions to treat our planet better. You can always swipe right onto another person, but you can’t swipe onto another planet.)

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite sustainable brands that are not only high-quality and stylish but are also deserving of more fans given the impacts they’re striving to make with their earth-friendly missions. And you could also help make a difference by checking out these brands and seeing if they feel like a right fit for you and what you’ve been looking for. (Something casual to wear or something more?) Scroll away!

I swear to you that these are very likely the best everyday bras I’ve ever worn, at least the best in recent memory. In addition to the brand’s sizing inclusivity, how lovely their bras fit, and how fairly they’re priced, Harper Wilde has a program reminding you to “recycle, bra” so that your donated bras and underwear (from any brand) don’t end up in landfills. Check out their new cotton collection and best-selling ultra-soft bliss bralette. I also love the “fuck your laws” bra and its matching cap, for which 100% of proceeds go towards the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project.

This may look like some sort of sparkling water concoction, but it’s actually Puracy’s new Clean Can Everyday Surface Cleaner (in scents of green tea & lime and organic lemongrass). This plant-powered product is a real miracle in a can–and you honestly won’t even be tempted to buy another toxic surface cleaner again once you get your hands on this. It’s made with recyclable aluminum, it’s easily refillable, and it’s designed to last a decade of daily use. Puracy is all about being pure–if you couldn’t tell–and you should definitely check out this best-selling eco-friendly brand for your spring cleaning.

Lifestraw is another brand to absolutely support, not only because of its amazing quality and long-lasting products but because they are invested in giving back to people and the planet. Their unique Give Back program ensures that a child in need receives safe water for a year for every product sold. From collapsible bottles for hiking and emergency prep to their newest BPA-free everyday use water bottle, Lifestraw is giving back while giving you access to these incredibly useful and sustainable products.

Some people menstruate, which is completely normal! I’m one of them! There’s not much we can do to prevent it; it’s natural. But what’s not natural is all the waste build-up that occurs from products used during monthly menstruation, even though we need these types of products to go about our everyday lives. August is a brand that greatly values sustainability within period care and giving people access to period care products, and they’ve even mapped out the cycle of their period care products for you to take a look at.

These bags are literally so chic and beautiful, and this brand is absolutely one you should support as far as fashion, sustainability, and ethics in such fashion are concerned. The brand has developed its own “Behno standard” for how its products are to be manufactured in a conscious and healthy way–in terms of both their workers and the environment–and these luxury bags are so bangingly beautiful I cannot wait to drape one around my body and feel good about how this product came to be and came to me. (I’m looking at you, 50% off gorgeous scuba pebble blue mini crossbody saddle bag.)

Summer is almost here, so I must tell you about this brand with quite possibly the cutest swimwear I’ve ever seen. Summersalt uses recycled material to create its stunning fabrics and product packaging in an effort to help take care of the world that they (and their consumers) love to explore. And if I don’t finally get my hands on their perfect wrap one-piece this season, I might summersalt into the fetal position and cry.

Here’s your reminder that Allbirds exist and that they’re so cute and comfy and sustainable and are becoming more popular than ever before. They are the sustainable shoe. Made from nature and made for people who value both style and comfort, Allbirds is clearly all-in to be sustainable and available this spring, summer, and year-round. Check out their new arrivals, including their SuperLight collection, now.

I’m sharing the love–I’m creating a collective of good vibes for you to also share with your girlfriends, if you will–by introducing you to this sustainable, affordable, and fashionable activewear brand, if you didn’t already know about its existence. Girlfriend Collective believes in being good for you and the environment, so that you can also feel good while doing good for your own health and wellness and rocking their adorable activewear. The brand has so many cute new arrivals, including their One Shoulder Bodysuit. Personally, I am eyeing this best-selling Paloma Racerback Dress that I could wear while working from home, working out, or hitting the town.

With spring cleaning comes spring-splurge-purchases-on-new-sheets-and-bags-and-more. That’s a thing, right? Well, if it’s not, it should be, so I’m just going to roll with it. Quince deeply values sustainability and quality-made products at affordable prices. Think of Quince as your local home goods/clothing store, just elevated in terms of sophistication and sustainability. Our summer favorites include this stunning 100% washable silk slip dress and these cute and casual 100% European linen shorts, both a part of Quince’s best-selling core collection.

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