Meghan Markle Wrote to Charles Identifying the ‘Royal Racist’, Report Says newsusface

Meghan Markle and Prince Charles exchanged letters identifying a “senior” royal who allegedly expressed “concerns” about Archie’s skin color, according to an astonishing report in the Daily Telegraph this weekend, which adds that Harry and Meghan believe they were treated “appallingly” in the wake of the queen’s death.

Charles wrote to Meghan after her interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which she said that there had been “concerns and conversations about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be when he’s born.” The late Queen Elizabeth responded to the interview with a terse observation that “recollections may vary.”

A report in the Daily Telegraph says Meghan replied to Charles’ letter and that “the letters make clear the identity of the senior member of the family who made the comment.”

The identification of the family member who made the alleged remark as “senior” is an incendiary new allegation and will stoke suspicion that a drip feed of information about the person that will eventually lead to their identification. The person was identified by the writer Christopher Andersen as the then-Prince Charles but the palace rebuffed the allegation with a blanket refusal to be drawn on the issue.

The Telegraph says that both sides accept the person did not act “with malice” and says the exchange was “warm” but that Meghan essentially was left feeling that her complaints about bullying and neglect have “still not been resolved.”

The revelation that Meghan and Charles wrote the letters marks a sensational new development in the feud that has wracked the royal family for the past three years.

The Sussex camp vowed over a year ago that they would no longer engage in anonymous briefings, however the anonymous remarks, which seem to have been authorized at a very high level, will fuel speculation that the Sussexes are increasingly willing to do business with the Daily Telegraph.

The story adds that Meghan continues to insist the reason she is not coming to the coronation is because it falls on Archie’s birthday, but the fact that the Sussex children were given no potential involvement in the coronation ceremony is cited by the Telegraph as another reason for the decision not to attend. The paper says their exclusion reinforced the feeling that they were “playing second fiddle to the Waleses.”

This of course was a key complaint of Harry’s book, Spare. Critics of Harry have scoffed that it could hardly have come as a surprise to him to learn his brother, as a future king, would have a higher place in the hierarchy than him.

The royal family continue to fight in the lead-up to Charles’ coronation.


The report also says that the palace’s delay in officially confirming that Harry and Meghan’s children would be Prince and Princess “caused frustration.”

The couple took action and unilaterally declared their children’s princely titles earlier this year, forcing the palace into agreeing.

Their children were legally entitled to be known as prince and princess as soon as the late queen died, based on a rule that the grandchildren of the monarch are thus titled. However, the palace notably declined to use the titles and refused to be drawn on how the Sussex children would be styled.

The Telegraph adds that the Sussexes feel they were “treated appallingly” by the royal family after the death of the queen, and says that Harry was not “personally informed of the queen’s death before a public statement was issued.”

The palace has always claimed that he was.

However in his book, Harry wrote that as his plane landed in Scotland, he found out from the BBC News website on his phone that the queen had died.

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