What Did Kris Jenner and Jeff Bezos Talk About at Coachella? newsusface

It was the double date of the century: On Friday night, TMZ reports that Kris Jenner and Jeff Bezos rolled up to the VIP entrance of Coachella with their respective partners, Corey Gamble and Lauren Sánchez in a small crew of private SUVs.

Jenner appears to have stolen a move from her daughter Kim Kardashian, who also went out on a double-date with Bezos and Sánchez during her Pete Davidson era, after the two had already dined at Bezos’ place.

Bezos sadly did not wear a flower crown to Coachella, although his shirt did appear to feature an appropriate butterfly print. But what did he and Jenner and their partners talk about all night, anyway? Perhaps they talked about fed-up Amazon workers’ history-making labor organization efforts, or Bezos’ recent purchase of a “support yacht” to support Sánchez’s passion for flying helicopters?

Or maybe they commiserated about construction woes, given Jenner’s recently completed side-by-side mansions with daughter Khloe after digging deep about the allegations of “exploitative” labor conditions that emerged against Kim’s cosmetics line last spring?

Whatever the topic of conversation, there’s nothing quite like a music festival to bring people with common interests together.

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