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Unless you’ve worked as a hairstylist or barber, you’ve probably never used a metal comb. Professionals love metal combs because they’re long-lasting, heat-resistant, they eliminate static, and for the same reasons, they’re also great grooming tools for everyday use. They work especially well for beard grooming, and I’m never going back to cheap wood or plastic beard combs. Personally, my thick hair is prone to frizz, flyaways, and tangling, and metal combs easily solve all three problems.

There’s one more important reason I love using metal beard combs—they look cool. Whether you choose classic silvery steel or black powder-coated metal, these combs feel great in your hand and look sleek in a dopp kit or on a bathroom counter. That’s a nice added benefit considering that they cost $12-$14 and last forever.

I first started using metal combs to tame my hair, beard, and mustache four years ago. As a men’s grooming writer, I get a lot of products for testing and review, and a cheap metal comb was included in a grooming kit I received. I’m still using that metal comb all these years later, and I’ve added several more metal combs to my grooming toolkit since then.

Men with Afro-textured hair have used metal hair picks for many years, but anyone with frizzy or hard-to-control hair can also benefit from this type of comb. Metal actually has several advantages over acetate, wood, plastic, and other common comb materials. Most importantly, metal combs are anti-static, so you can eliminate static electricity and help keep excess frizz out of your mane. Combs made from horns are also anti-static, but they’re not as effective at detangling and straightening hair, and they’re much more expensive.

Some metal combs are designed for use by barbers, but you can also buy metal hair and beard combs from brands such as Fendrihan, Paul Mitchell, BabyBliss Pro, and Chicago Comb, the latter of which is one of my favorite under-the-radar grooming companies. Chicago Comb Company is a small business that makes premium Made in the U.S.A. metal combs for men and women using materials such as steel, carbon fiber, and titanium.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite metal combs, which are an affordable upgrade to your standard plastic comb. You can find metal combs for men’s and women’s hair types, all hair textures, and all styling needs.

Chicago Comb Model 2 Carbon Fiber Comb

Fendrihan 4.6” Fine-Tooth Comb

Chicago Comb Model 6 Carbon Fiber Comb

Chicago Comb Model 7 Carbon Fiber Pick Comb

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