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There are a lot of things I’m willing to outsource to make my life less stressful. Things become all the more efficient and easy when you rely on services like dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, grocery delivery, Amazon’s auto-renewing subscriptions (hello, toilet paper, and laundry detergent). But there are some things I simply can’t bring myself to outsource no matter how hard I try. One of those things happens to be cleaning up around the house.

While I have occasionally paid for a recurring cleaning service to tidy up the mess, dirt, and grime that collects in my home, I usually walk away feeling a sense of guilt about how much it costs me, knowing I could do the job myself. And yet, if there is one task that will actually inspire me to hire a cleaning service, it’s mopping the floors. No matter what products I have tried or what efficient systems I’ve put in place, I can’t find myself inspired enough to haul around a stringy mop and a sloshing bucket of dirty water all around the house.

Thankfully, technology and innovative tools have made household work I’d usually procrastinate on and avoid all the more approachable these days, even when it comes to tedious, uninspiring tasks like mopping. One such tool happens to be the Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, which has made mopping and cleaning my floors much easier, and dare I say, perhaps even desirable?

Karcher FC 7 Cordless Electric Hard Floor Cleaner

Down from $514

What sold me on the easy-to-use Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner is the fact that it works as a combination vacuum and mop. Though this sturdy floor cleaner isn’t going to work like a heavy-duty vacuum, its dual-cleaning method will have you impressed with what it does to vacuum up while simultaneously cleaning and mopping your floors. Hard-to-see debris like pet hair, food crumbs, dirt, and dust bunnies will disappear in a flash while the Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner works away at leaving your tile, wood, vinyl, and stone floors shiny and sleek.

So what’s the magic behind the Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner? The household tool uses two separate water tanks: a tank that holds your solution and clean water and another tank that holds all the floor debris and dirty water. It even has a hair filter to prevent your floor rollers from turning into a tangled mess. Unlike traditional mopping, where you have to slop your mop into a bucket of dirty water and push that very same unclean water all around your floors, you’re only using clean water and a Karcher solution to mop your floors, leaving them cleaner than they’ve probably been in a long time.

Normally what takes me around 30 minutes of work to clean my kitchen, living room, and bathroom floors with a vacuum and mop now only takes around 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish with the Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner. What’s more, when you use a Karcher solution with the hard floor cleaner, your floors will be dry in just two minutes or less; no more having to use old mangled towels to clean up that filthy water off your floor or accidentally slipping and falling from those wet, unattended areas you missed wiping up.

Cleaning up after and recharging your Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner is super easy, too. After emptying the dirty water tank, I toss the four-floor rollers in the wash to make sure they’re extra clean and ready for my next mopping session, which I’ve ironically found myself looking forward to on occasion.

Some things in life are easier when we learn the beauty of investing in the right tools. While it may have taken me most of my young-adult life to learn that mopping doesn’t have to be a tedious, demanding task I constantly procrastinate and avoid, but can be something that’s done easily and effortlessly in no time at all, my floors finally look like they’ve been cleaned by pricey professionals all thanks to the Karcher FC 7 Cordless Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner.

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