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Open your laptops and put on your favorite pair of walking shoes, because we’re taking a trip to (drumroll, please) absolutely nowhere but your WFH station (or home office, if you’re lucky). If you’ve been on TikTok at all recently, you may know that #hotgirlwalks (a term for walking on a treadmill or walking pad at home coined by TikTok user Mia Lind in 2020) are the fitness trend of the moment, and I am all here for it.

This wellness movement encourages people to go on walks while working, watching TV, or scrolling through their phones to release endorphins, boost their daily step count, feel better physically and mentally, and even help boost productivity. Unfortunately, walking outside to reach your movement and step goals isn’t always an option when you’re working a full-time job, but fortunately, there’s a workaround: walking pads for under the desk.

With the help of a folding walking pad or treadmill (which can be placed under a standing desk for optimal results), you can do away with a sedentary lifestyle and improve your circulation while you work, Zoom, and scroll. So to celebrate all the hard work you do during your 9-5 (and around it), please utilize this carefully crafted list of the best foldable and noise-free walking pads (a.k.a. mini treadmills) for you to store under your desk (or bed, closet, etc.) while sitting standing going about your work day. Corporate doesn’t run you–you do.

For the “just tell me whatever the best first option is” walker:

Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

Down from $350

When you filter “foldable walking pads” by best-sellers with at least a four-star rating on Amazon, this is the first option that pops up. For the active spirit, this two-in-one folding treadmill from Goplus gives you everything you need to go during the workday, plus some more, like its ultra-quiet motor, Bluetooth speaker, and removable handles to easily turn the equipment from walking to running mode. You can also connect this non-slip pad to an app on your phone, allowing you to share your stats with friends and family. Plus, you can easily adjust the speed with its remote, and keep track of your mileage and calories burned in real-time with the LED display.

For the “research-heavy, must read every review” walker:

GOYOUTH 2-in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Down from $470

TikTok user and certified pilates instructor Jillian Hardwick (@hbpilates) shared that she finally got this 2-in-1 walking pad after six months of research. Personally, I would feel better ordering this option myself, knowing that an experienced professional picked this one out for her own use. It’s very easy to move and comes assembled, so you don’t need to stress over putting it together before using it.

For the “every day is glute day” walker:

Egofit Walker Pro Built-In Incline Treadmill

Down from $480

This pro foldable, under-desk walking pad not only lets you power walk like there’s no tomorrow, it also lets you power walk with its ergonomic built-in incline design, so you’re getting a ton of great cardio in a while also better strengthening and stretching your legs. Egofit also claims that this is the world’s smallest treadmill, so it’s perfect if you live in a small apartment but still want to occupy your legs and work out during the day.

For the “it needs to look sleek and chic” walker:

Maksone Under Desk Treadmill

This treadmill has an elegant wood finish (that’s pollution-free) with an ultra-slim design, making it an easily storable or easily leave-out-able home decor statement. The LCD display is lowkey but valuable to have, as it shows your personal data, like time, speed, calories burned, etc. This stylish treadmill also comes with 12 pre-installed training programs to get a bang for your buck and complete a training session without running into any problems (unless you’d rather run, because you could do that too with this chic machine).

For the “I want the latest and greatest edition” walker:

DeerRun 2-in-1 Walking Pad

Down from $400

This treadmill is currently the number one new release in the Treadmills category on Amazon, and it’s also currently a whopping 50% off. I know that this article is all about walking, but you should run to get this deal while it lasts. This treadmill is compact, lightweight, installation-free, and calling your name.

For the “I want the top-rated” walker:

UREVO 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill

Down from $480

This treadmill is not only top-rated for foldable pads—it’s also the number one option in the Treadmills category overall. It’s basically like a friend recommending you a product, which is always one of my favorite ways to find my next obsession. The time, speed, distance, and calories burned display all at the same time, so you don’t need to keep looking down for the LED display to shift to the next data slide. This treadmill arrives fully assembled, and it could be fully right for you since it appears to be fully what the other rave reviewers have been looking for.

For the “I want a pop of color” walker:

Pink UMAY Under Desk Treadmill

Down from $440

Barbie season is fast approaching, with the highly-anticipated feature film hitting theaters this July—and who doesn’t love a pop of pink? With this gorgeous option from UMAY, you can take pretty in pink and upgrade it into hot girl walk in pink. It’s lightweight and also available in black and white finishes. Overall, this treadmill can help you take some weight off your shoulders by slow walking or power walking your way through time and space and all the Zoom calls.


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