‘Daily Show’ Unpacks All the Theories About What Led to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit newsusface

It’s now been more than 24 hours since the news broke that Tucker Carlson was out at Fox News—and Desi Lydic says she might be starting to feel a little sorry for the pro-testicle tanning television personality. Especially after The Daily Show guest host learned that Tucker was given just 10 minutes notice before his departure was announced publicly.

“That is so cold,” Lydic said. “I mean, that’s barely enough time to pack up all his Nazi memorabilia.”

As of this moment, it remains unclear what led to Carlson’s abrupt dismissal—but Lydic has a few ideas: “Maybe it was the election lies that cost Fox News $787 million. Maybe it was insulting his bosses in private texts. Maybe it was his overall vibe of ‘creepy dad driving the babysitter home.’”

Or maybe—just maybe—it was Tucker’s (allegedly) incessant use of the c-word in the workplace, which Daily Beast editor-at-large Lachlan Cartwright reported “was a key factor in [Carlson’s] demise.” Abby Grossberg, a former producer on Carlson’s (now-dead) show, confirmed that Tucker dropped c-bombs “all the time,” which Lydic had trouble wrapping her head around.

“How do you use the c-word at the office all the time?,” the comedian wondered.

“‘Oh, Susan’s taking lunch orders? Tell that cunt I’ll just have a cunt salad, hold the cunt. You know what, do you want to share a cunt?’”

Ultimately, however, Lydic determined that it’s all ok.

“Tucker’s allowed to say the c-word,” she declared. “Because he is one.”

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