See Gina Gershon as a Devil newsusface

Who amongst us hasn’t had a dream in which Gina Gershon is wearing leather devil horns and cooking cacio e pepe?

In Wednesday night’s Season 3 premiere of Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens, Awkwafina’s Nora meets—and we meet—Toe. “As in Camel,” she says, appearing to Nora in a trippy dream.

“Your vibes are way off,” Toe, some sort of spirit guide/id/bondage fetishist, tells Nora, as they talk over the spicy pasta Toe had just made—“hotter than Billy Joel’s ball sack on a steamy summer night.”

Watch an exclusive clip of the premiere’s scene below:

It’s clear that, when the show returns to Comedy Central Wednesday night, Nora is going through a bit of an existential crisis, one that seems to have manifested in this bizarro conversation with a wild woman therapist-type figure named Toe.

“At my age, I feel…” Nora starts, before Toe interrupts her: “Old?”

“Older,” Nora says. “I have all these white hairs that I went in and individually Sharpied.” After correcting Toe that the hairs were on her head and not…in other places, Nora continues, “I thought I had everything figured out, but, more and more…” At this point Toe starts stabbing the table, and things in the dream start to go slightly off the rails.

Eventually, Nora wakes up. “That was a weird-ass dream,” she says, and then takes a hit of her bedside bong. What else would you expect?

“We’ve always tried to kick off the show in a unique way—from Nora talking to God (aka Laverne Cox) in Season 1, to Nora’s dream of a rom-com life in Season 2, so of course we had to up the stakes in Season 3,” co-showrunner Teresa Hsiao tells The Daily Beast’s Obsessed. “Nora and the family finally feel like their lives are getting back to normal, but they’re not quite sure what normal is.”

Sometimes in life, you’re surprised by how much normal might actually be like Gina Gershon slinging noodles and giving you advice while wearing devil horns as a woman named Toe.

Season 3 of Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens premieres Wed., April 26 at 10:30 pm ET on Comedy Central.

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