Sunny Hostin Fires Back at ‘Real Housewife’ Meghan McCain newsusface

Sunny Hostin has taken it upon herself to lure Meghan McCain back to television—ideally as one of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

That was The View co-host’s career suggestion for her former TV colleague while chatting with Andy Cohen on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. When a viewer beamed in to ask Hostin whether she had read McCain’s rather scathing Daily Mail takedown of the popular talk show and what the former host described as the toxic workplace surrounding it, Hostin decided to take a big gulp of her cocktail before formulating an official answer.

While Hostin stated that she had not actually read the column herself (Cohen, however, had), she knew that McCain’s final conclusion about the daytime series is that “The View just keeps getting worse.” But Hostin was ready to defend her livelihood.

“Our show is a wonderful place,” Hostin said, and confirmed that ratings have rarely been a problem for the series. She also admitted that she’s kind of surprised that McCain is going into so much detail to talk about her former workplace now. But made it clear that she has no ill will.

“Meg and I have always been friendly,” Hostin said. And while McCain is no longer working in television, Hostin thinks it’s time the daughter of John McCain (who enjoys reminding people that she’s the daughter of John McCain) attempts a triumphant return to the small screen.

“I think you should hire her for one of the Housewives franchises,” Hostin told Cohen. “She’d be great on Potomac or any of them”—and Cohen agreed.

“I wish her well,” Hostin finally managed to sputter out. But she also said that “We’re really happy on this show.We’re really a cohesive group and… god bless,” said Hosin.

As for whether we might see the daughter of the late John McCain reunite with her former co-anchors again in the near future, the answer is doubtful.

“There is nothing on God’s green earth that could convince me to ever walk on to that set again,” McCain wrote in her column, before adding that “The View just keeps getting worse.”

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