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Have you ever posed for a selfie or group photo underneath a custom neon sign? I’m betting you have. In recent years, these types of lights have become common fixtures in Instagram-friendly restaurants, bars, and Airbnbs. If you’ve ever wondered where these businesses are getting their custom neon signs, I’m here to let you in on the secret. This Amazon lighting hack lets you get a custom neon sign of your very own in about a week.

In the not-too-distant past, owning your own neon sign was extremely impractical, even for most business owners. You had to have a specialized craftsperson create these signs for you, and they were also very fragile. Today, modern neon signs aren’t made with neon or glass, but rather with ordinary LED lights in flexible tubing. The end result looks almost identical, and it opens up all sorts of possibilities for customization and creativity.

So if you’ve ever been to a drag brunch with a neon sign that says, “Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me I’m Pretty” or “Bounjour, Bitch,” it was likely made using LED lights.

And rather than tracking down a lighting designer, you can order your own custom neon sign on Amazon in under a minute. I recently purchased one of these lights from the popular Amazon vendor GITM, which has near-perfect reviews (including one from yours truly). I ordered a sign that reads “Raising the Bar” for my incredibly beautiful and talented attorney (who also happens to be my long-time girlfriend). It’s also proven to be a hit among her clients and colleagues.

I know that ordering a product from an unknown Amazon vendor can be risky, but in this case, our order arrived on time and as advertised, and I think you can purchase with confidence. The signs themselves are made from flexible silicone LED strips, and they’re even brighter than I expected.

These signs can be fully customized, and you can choose from one, two, or three lines of text. You can also select the colors and fonts that you prefer. It’s a simple decor hack, and it’s great for Gen Z folks obsessed with aesthetics, streamers, or anyone that loves accent lighting. For business owners and vacation rental hosts in particular, these signs provide Instagrammable decor that guests will love. They also make a great wedding, baby shower, or anniversary gift. Plus, they’re children’s bedrooms, game rooms, parties, and home bars.

Prices start around $56 for very simple signs, but you can get a large customized sign for $100-$150. The vendor also has a coupon on their Amazon page that lets you save 10 percent. Head to Amazon now to start customizing your very own neon sign.

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