Neon Sign Amazon Review newsusface

Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission. Have you ever posed for a selfie or group photo underneath a custom neon sign? I’m betting you have. In recent years, these types of lights have become common fixtures in Instagram-friendly restaurants, bars, and Airbnbs. If you’ve … Read more

The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Is a Short Story That Happens to Be a Song newsusface

Hearing John Lennon’s “No Reply” in the autumn of 1964, music publisher Dick James remarked to the songwriter that he—and the Beatles—were making progress. Asked what James meant, the publisher responded by saying that “No Reply” told a complete story. It had an arc, and ended with a resolution. The implication was that the other … Read more

How John Roberts Saved the GOP (and Sparked Its Civil War) newsusface

Kudos to Chief Justice John Roberts for corralling the three Trump-nominated pro-life justices to leave the abortion pill alone for now, saving the GOP from another Roe-like disaster. Eighty percent of voters don’t like the Dobbs decision that ended the constitutional right to an abortion, a number that establishes a confrontation within the GOP between … Read more

Which Show Does the Candy Montgomery Story Better? newsusface

When I first heard that there were two miniseries in production about the infamous housewife-turned-ax murderer, Candy Montgomery—one called Candy, starring Jessica Biel, and the other titled Love & Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen—I had to take a deep breath. Anyone who has followed the slow Marvel-ification of Olsen’s career knew that Love & Death would … Read more