Sian Heder Is a Marvel Sellout newsusface

Barry has majorly upped its cameo game for this fourth and final season. As if casting one iconic auteur wasn’t enough—Guillermo del Toro, come back!—Bill Hader has now brought in another Oscar-winning director. This time, it’s Sian Heder who joins the Barryverse, making an appearance as herself in Sunday’s episode, “it takes a psycho.” But … Read more

How a Former Columbia Professor Fell Into ‘Psychic’ Pseudoscience newsusface

Spiro Pantazatos doesn’t seem to mind that his research interests lie off the beaten path. “I’ve always been fascinated by research topics that don’t tend to get a lot of attention or funding for whatever reason—if they’re considered taboo, for instance,” the clinical neurobiology researcher told The Daily Beast. For the most part, his citations … Read more

Roy Wood Jr’s Surprisingly Personal and Scathing White House Correspondents’ Dinner Roast newsusface

Roy Wood Jr. wanted to accomplish two things during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech Saturday night: laughs and reparations, as he told NPR earlier this week. He got half his wish. On Saturday evening, Wood took some mainly innocuous shots at Joe Biden, largely targeting his age (“When the retirement age went up two … Read more

Police Say Suspected Gunman Francisco Oropeza ‘Could Be Anywhere’ After Texas, Cleveland Mass Shooting newsusface

Authorities say the Texas man who allegedly killed five people in a shooting Friday night “could be anywhere” and is a dangerous threat to the community. Francisco Oropeza reportedly shot his neighbors in their home after they asked him to stop shooting in his yard. One of the victims was an eight-year-old boy. The ongoing … Read more

Intelligence Reveals Kremlin Commanders Punishing Russian Troops in Underground Prisons newsusface

Russian military commanders have likely resorted to punishing their troops by imprisoning them in underground pits covered with metal bars, according to a British intelligence memo published Sunday. “In recent months, Russian commanders have likely started punishing breaches in discipline by detaining the offending troops in ‘Zindans’ which are improvised cells consisting of holes in … Read more

Chuck Todd Roasts GOP Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Over Plan to ‘Shut Down the FBI’ newsusface

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd grilled Vivek Ramaswamy on Sunday over the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to dismantle the Federal Bureau of Investigation and replace it with a “new institution built from scratch.” “So, you’re going to replace the FBI with a new FBI?,” Todd wondered at one point. An “anti-woke” biotech investor and hedge … Read more

Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Will Win 2024 Presidential Election ‘in a Landslide’ newsusface

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) expressed his belief that President Joe Biden will win re-election “in a landslide” on Sunday morning, adding that the “choice is pretty clear” for those who “believe in democracy.” Towards the end of his interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Sanders—who ran against Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary—was … Read more